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The Most Beautiful Islands in Australia

by Rodney Aziz

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It is difficult to choose which islands to visit in Australia if you don’t have time to explore all of them, but following are some of the most spectacular, unique, and picturesque ones that you would certainly enjoy visiting.

Kangaroo Island

This third-largest island in Australia is a sanctuary not only for kangaroos but also for koala, sea lions, wallaby, platypus, penguins, and other unique, which makes it known as “nature’s playground.” There is also breathtaking scenery with wild plains, towering cliffs, and clear waters. Yet, there is a laid-back lifestyle, pleasant accommodations, and mouth-watering food and wine in friendly restaurants and pubs.

Fraser Island, Queensland

Originally named “K’gari,” meaning “paradise,” by the Butchulla people, which includes swimming in a sensational rainwater lake, Fraser Island is also the world’s largest sand island. At elevations of more than 656 feet, rainforests grow on the sand dunes. The island is home to a pure strain of dingoes. In August through October, the main event to witness is the humpback whale migration. Its 75-Mile Beach is also an airstrip for small aircrafts flying over from Queensland.

Lord Howe Island, New South Wales

This tiny tropical island only allows 400 tourists at any one time to explore the entire island, which is an UNESCO World Heritage site with 70 percent being protected park preserve and the waters a marine preserve. Experience the world’s southernmost barrier coral reef in the world, the rare flora and fauna, and the imposing Mount Gower with a hike that is a challenging eight-hour return trek that is complete with dizzying drops and rope-assisted climbs and requires that a licensed guide goes along.

Moreton Island, Queensland

Just a 75-minute ferry ride from Brisbane, this is a 95 percent national park with five lighthouses including the first lighthouse that was built in Queensland in 1857, beaches, sand trails, sand tobogganing, whale and dolphin watching, diving, and more. Snorkel at the Island Wrecks with its 15 ships that were deliberately sunk in 1963 to create a breakwall with plenty of coral, tropical fish, and turtles. Have lunch of slipper lobsters, the regional specialty.

Christmas Island, Indian Ocean

Famous for its annual migration where millions of red crabs cover the beaches and streets in order to spawn in the ocean, Christmas Island is otherwise an oasis of small settlements, rare species that exist above and below the waters but mostly remaining wild.

Rodney Aziz originally published this article on his Wordpress.

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