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What NOT To Do in Australia, Part 2

by Rodney Aziz

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A few months back I wrote a blog looking at some of the things that tourists who are visiting Australia should avoid doing. Some of these actions included tipping waiters/waitresses, underestimating distances, and taking beach signs lightly. As I mentioned in the previous blog, there are so many resources on things you can do when visiting, however, not much on the things you shouldn’t do. So, here is part 2 of the things that you should not do when visiting Australia.


Don’t Climb Uluru

Most of the 400,000 tourists who visit Australia’s Red Center annually love to climb Uluru, also known as Ayer’s Rock. The reason for this is the views at the top of the rock which are quite breathtaking. While the 348-meter climb is not particularly difficult, there have been about 35 deaths (mostly heart attacks) and other injuries associated with the climb over the years. In addition to this, many people are unaware that the local Anangu people prefer tourists do not climb Uluru due to the spiritual significance it has to them. There are numerous other activities and sites within the base of the rock that they are happy to share with visitors, but climbing it is considered offensive and disrespectful.


Don’t Surf Without Knowing The Etiquette

Australia has a strong surfing culture making it a great place to give the sport a try. It is important, however, for beginners to be safe and respectful of others who are trying to catch a wave by following the code of conduct. For example, it is custom that the person closest to the peak of the break has the right to ride it. Another example would be not to drop into another person’s wave. You also want to be sure to paddle outside of the zone where a lineup of surfers might be coming at you. These are a few examples of the code of conduct when surfing in Australia, and if you are unaware of these rules, your best bet would be to avoid the sport.


Don’t Focus on the Big Cities

Of course, when visiting Australia, you will want to explore the urban pleasures such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth, but you should add other areas to your itinerary as well. In fact, some of the smaller Australian towns might have a lot of “fair dinkum” Aussie charm to round out your trip. Some places to check out are Coober Pedy, Alice Springs, Goolwa, Broome, Port Douglas, Byron Bay, and Mission Beach.


Be on the lookout for Part 3 coming soon!

Rodney Aziz originally published this article on his Wordpress.

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